In a world where people just want to click what they wish to purchase in the convenience of their home, E-commerce is running rampant throughout the business world. More and more companies around the world realize the benefit of introducing a customer-friendly platform to their client bases while maximizing the accessibility customers have to their products and services. It’s come down to the ease of use for the consumer, how attractive and innovative a platform can be and range of options and features available. While most companies have a wide range of e-commerce platform solutions to shop around in the market, it is important in remembering that finding the right one for your business is another matter entirely.

Speed is Money

This is especially true in a world of E-commerce, there is nothing more unattractive for an online customer than to wait on a page that is loading. It is understandably frustrating. You could lose a customer simply due to the poor performance in the speed of your platform. Some platforms are notorious for lagging simply due to the unnecessary detail and content. Ensure you only present what the customer needs to make the purchase so you could minimize any lags in your platform. Load times are a key point to consider when choosing a platform. Every second that is saved in the loading time of your platform can very well translate into sales gained in the long run.

Mobile Compatibility

Your platform should be fully operational and accessible on mobile devices as recent studies show that 66% of an online customer’s time is spent on viewing such platforms on mobile devices. It is literally the option of purchasing on the go. Successful E-commerce platforms like Magento are fully-compatible with all mobile devices and work just as fast as on a phone as it does on a laptop. Mobile commerce is shown to be the next stage in business transactions and has a current growth rate of 300% on a global scale, which is all the more reason that whatever platform is chosen by a business, it is absolutely mandatory to test out how mobile-friendly it is. Platforms should be upgradable as most phones have operating systems that gain updates very frequently, so an old version of your platform may not necessarily be compatible with a new version of the operating system in your phone.

Search Engine Optimization

This is an art that most corporates work on for years. A good SEO would draw more attention to your site or platform and therefore theoretically draw in more customers. It is no secret that your URL cannot be overly complicated for people to find. If it is then most of your customers would just give up trying to find it. A good URL structure is vital for your platform to get a good level of attention on the web. Never underestimate such things, it could prove costly for your business in the long run.