This development is the main property that belongs to mankind. And life around people changes with them. There have various attempts to modernize every detail in their environment, which in the future will facilitate the existence of man. Thus it appeared the first television sets, computers, mobile phones, etc. Today, at the peak of modernity were smart watches DZ09 SmartWatch. It is a compact accessory with a unique functionality. DZ09 Watch is a mini-computer, which will help to organize the work and become a stylish attractive decoration to your image.

DZ09 Bluetooth Smart is a member of smartwatches, which has enhanced the functional framework based on computer technology. Initial models such technological accessories were able to perform only a limited number of simple functions. They could act as a calculator, translator, or gaming device. Modern Smart Watch DZ09 became a representative model, which in its parameters resembles a full-fledged computing device. The unique design and compact size DZ09 Smart watches are not limited to the functional properties. Now in your hands, or rather on your wrist, it is the remote control of your mobile phone and at the same time an independent smart device.

It is much easier to look at the clock, you try to find your phone in your bag or take it out of your pocket. The watch case Smartwatch DZ09 is presented in conjunction with the metal plastic. Smart Strap is made of rubber. DZ09 work hours based on the Android platform, but for the whole series of functions need to install additional software. It supports any platform with Bluetooth v 2.1 and higher. The Touchscreen size is 1.54 inches, has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. Monitor Type – TFT LCD. The indoor unit is responsible for the power of hours presented processor MTK6260A, the same as GT08 Watch. For those who like to make high-quality and memorable photos, there is a 2-megapixel camera. External memory can be supplemented with up to 16 GB. The battery with a capacity of 380 mAh, according to reviews of DZ09 ability to hold a charge up to 7 days of standby time and about 2 days in operation. By the way, if you want to charge your devices, for more USB ports, you may need a USB HUB Adapter.

Overview DZ09 allows that smartwatches us save time by performing the usual functions of the phone twice as fast. Through smart, you can instantly respond to important calls, thanks to the SIM-card. And if you are doing more exercise and then a number of useful features implemented in the smartwatch DZ09 help you monitor the success of your workouts, like the Bong II sports waterproof pedometer, but not just that.