Most people don’t like to be sick. And most people don’t like to think about getting old and dying. But unfortunately, it’s something we all must face. While we can’t avoid it, we certainly can push it off into the future. Sure, it would be nice to live large and live for the moment. Often times, that doesn’t help us out much. Sometimes what we do today will have negative consequences for tomorrow.That’s why it’s better to take a long view of things.

First of all, eating healthy goes a long way. Don’t worry, you don’t need to give up your favorite foods altogether. Just don’t eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Everything in moderation. If you have some bad eating habits now that you know you should change, then slowly replace them with healthier eating habits. Give yourself plenty of time. There’s no rush.

Exercise is also vital. Of course, this doesn’t meant going out and running a sub four hour marathon every morning before work. Just taking a brisk walk for twenty or thirty minutes, three or four times a week, is enough for everybody. If you’re already exercising now, fantastic. If you aren’t, get started, but don’t push yourself too hard. Remember, you are slowly creating a life long habit.

Stress is a big killer. Not only is it responsible for a host of health problems, but it largely goes unnoticed. That means you could be stressed out and not even realize it. Take some time every day to relax your mind and body, and do some breathing exercises. It may feel goofy and silly at first, but you’ll be taking some steps to create life long health. An easy way is to just follow your breath in and out for about five or ten minutes. Release all thoughts, worries, and concerns. Just focus on the present moment, and the present feelings.

Your relationships can have a profound influence on your levels of health. Not just your immediate relationships, but those with coworkers, friends, and even groups you belong to. Avoid judging other people, as this just creates frustration and stress in your own mind. Realize you can’t change other people. Instead of trying to change people, simply avoid them, or deal with them as professionally and objectively as possible.

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do. Lack of sleep will weaken your immune system, increase your stress, and make your much more susceptible to illness. So get your rest, it may be the most important thing you ever do.